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Nihilanth's death stopped any future alien attack on Earth. But after some time, there raised something more evil. It was called Mother of Headcrabs. This monster started creating more powerful headcrabs, than anyone could imagine. There was a lot of varieties and different specialities. They were true warriors, really strong enemies.

In the meantime, people started massive flying to space and creating new collonies, but they forgot the great danger, which waited silently on XEN. There was actually built space station OXYGENIUM, where aliens were studied.

About iniciator of next conflicts was a lot discussions and people blamed aliens, but it was'nt so simple. There was one missing headcrab, which have been found on Earth, so aliens attacked, because of thinking, that he is prisoner. The first wave affected OXYGENIUM. At this station, there was one person, which could use weapons, because of millitary training. It was Jennifer, unknowing Freeman's doughter.

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This story is a mystery, the legend, because noone knows details. It was maybe destiny, that she stayed there, but it changes nothing about what happened next. But i can't continue, now you have to find it out.

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