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This game is not alone executable. You need Half-Life with minimum version If you have Steam platform with installed Half-Life, you probably have the the latest version.

Screen 02

Game contains complete single player game and multiplayer with few levels. Sinple player will serve you at least one hour (for hardcore players) of exiting playing, but for ordinary man its more.

Next you can play the older version (The Real 1) as Hazard course and get ass kicked.

This modification contains new weapons, monsters and items, so its really different from basic game.

The damage system was completely changed. Now getting hit to arm or leg is almost nothing (by monsters too), but to head or chest is critical. So if you get hurt (especially if you play on hard difficulty, then you almost always die, but monsters dont.

Screen 03

Levels contain often something interesting, which makes good atmosphere, or puzzles, that has to be solved. (Often in The Real 1)

After finnishing of this modification, a newbie will become good player, who can shoot accurately, move smart and kill enemies easily.

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