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Game tips

In this game, you will met with monsters, which are very strong, so you have to hurt them repeately. It's their advantage, but you can expect, what will be their next position, so you should use it agains them.

The common monster is Headcrab, which can kill you mostly by one hit, but he must get close to you. But in the beggining, you have only knife, so you have to go close to him too. The best strategy could be this:

  1. Wait till he jumps somewhere. If his target is you, then dodge.
  2. Hit him once or twice with knife.
  3. Go to the safe distance and repeat step 1 so long, till he dies.

Freeze headcrab Toxic headcrab Super headcrab Funny headcrab

At least in the beginning, you will be dying often, so don't forget to SAVE current position.

There is no unlimited ammo. You should use knife if you can. Zombies are best target for this. For headcrab use rather guns, because they are not pleasant close to you.

Watch out for traps. The most beautiful is, when you met jumping headcrab behind you back. (The Real 1 is full of traps :P )

Screen 06

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